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    2022 Market Update – Greater Sacramento Area

    By Kayla Slavensky | January 11, 2023

    Sacramento | Placer | Yolo | El Dorado County Real Estate Market Trends 2022 January 2022 December 2022 Change % For Sale 1701 2612 53.6% Sold 1612 1230 -23.7% Pending 1695 1005 -40.7% All reports are published January 2023, based on data available at the end of December 2022, except for the today’s stats. All... Read More

    Housing Market Trends for 2022: Will Home Prices Rebound?

    By Kayla Slavensky | December 30, 2022

    Even with rising mortgage rates and higher prices, the housing market would remain a seller's market due to very low supply and increasing demand as more millennials are projected to buy houses in 2022. Now millennials make up the largest share of homebuyers in the US, according to a 2020 survey from the NAR. According to a new study by, buying is more cost-efficient than renting in a growing number of the largest cities in the country. Read More

    Make the Most of Open Houses

    By Kayla Slavensky | February 24, 2023

    visit open houses as their first step in the homebuying process. Read More

    2-1 Buydown

    By Kayla Slavensky | December 14, 2022

    A buydown is a real estate financing technique that makes it easier for a borrower to qualify for a mortgage with a lower interest rate. That lower rate can last for the duration of the mortgage (as is often the case when borrowers pay extra points up front to the lender) or for a particular period of time. A 2-1 buydown is one kind of temporary buydown, in this case lasting for two years. Read More

    3 Graphs Showing Why Today’s Housing Market Isn’t Like 2008

    By Jimmy Castro | November 17, 2022

    If you’re concerned we’re making the same mistakes that led to the housing crash, the graphs above should help alleviate your fears. Concrete data and expert insights clearly show why this is nothing like the last time. Read More

    Key Factors Affecting Home Affordability

    By Kayla Slavensky | November 9, 2022

    Every time there’s a news segment about the housing market, we hear about the affordability challenges buyers are facing today. Those headlines are focused on how much mortgage rates have climbed this year. And while it’s true rates have risen dramatically, it’s important to remember they aren’t the only factor in the affordability equation. Here... Read More

    Want To Buy a Home? Now May Be the Time.

    By Kayla Slavensky | July 27, 2022

    “This is an opportunity for people with a secure job to jump into the market, when other people are a little hesitant because of a possible recession. . . They’ll have fewer buyers to compete with.” Read More

    Condos Offer Affordability in Most Locales

    By Jimmy Castro | July 5, 2022

    Takeaways: Home buyers are feeling budget pressure as home prices and down payments soar. Roughly 2 in 3 recent home buyers took more than a year to save up for their home, while 71% had to exceed their initial budget to get the home they wanted. In 2021, buyers paid 6.7% less for condos and... Read More

    June 2022 Monthly Housing Market Trends Report

    By Liz Diegle | July 3, 2022

    The inventory of homes for sale increased again in June, the largest increase in the data’s history. The national inventory of active listings increased by 18.7% over last year, while the total inventory of unsold homes, including pending listings, still declined by 1.4% due to a decline in pending inventory.  The inventory of active listings... Read More

    May 2022 Hottest Housing Markets: A Common Thread of Affordability

    By Martha Czosnyka | July 2, 2022

    Manchester, NH remains in the top spot on the hottest housing markets list in May, holding the top spot for the 10th time in the last year. Read More