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    Why the Growing Number of Homes for Sale Is Good for Your Move Up

    By Kayla Slavensky | June 17, 2022

    If you’re a current homeowner looking to sell, reach out to a local real estate professional to begin the process. You have a unique opportunity to benefit from the additional homes being listed today and sell before your house has more competition Read More

    Why a Real Estate Professional Is Key When Selling Your House

    By Kayla Slavensky | May 15, 2022

    With today’s real estate market moving as fast as it is, working with a real estate professional is more essential than ever. They have the skills, experience, and expertise it takes to navigate the highly detailed and involved process of selling a home. That may be why the percentage of people who list their houses on their... Read More

    On the Fence of Whether or Not To Move This Spring? Consider This.

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 20, 2022

    If you’re ready to move, you have an incredible opportunity in front of you today. Place your trust in a real estate professional and lean on their experience to help you win when you sell and when you buy. Read More

    What You Can Expect from the Spring Housing Market

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 10, 2022

    Mortgage rates will continue to rise The selection of homes available for sale will modestly improve Home prices will continue to appreciate, just at a slightly slower pace Read More

    Are You Wondering if This Is the Year To Buy a Home?

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 1, 2022

    Starting your journey toward homeownership can pay off significantly this year. If you’re financially ready today, work with a local real estate professional to discuss your options. Read More

    Don’t Let Student Loans Delay Your Homeownership Dreams

    By Liz Diegle | March 18, 2022

    In the same NAR report, data shows many current homeowners have student loan debt themselves: “Nearly one-quarter of all home buyers, and 37% of first-time buyers, had student debt, with a typical amount of $30,000.” Read More

    What Every Seller Needs To Know About Renovating This Year

    By Martha Czosnyka | March 1, 2022

    If you’re planning to sell this year, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll need to do to get your house ready to appeal to the most buyers. It’s crucial to work with a trusted real estate professional who knows your local market to get your home ready to sell. But there are a few things... Read More

    4 Simple Graphs Showing Why This Is Not a Housing Bubble

    By Liz Diegle | February 18, 2022

    A recent survey revealed that many consumers believe there’s a housing bubble beginning to form. That feeling is understandable, as year-over-year home price appreciation is still in the double digits. However, this market is very different than it was during the housing crash 15 years ago. Here are four key reasons why today is nothing like the... Read More

    Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Sell Your Home in 2022

    By Kayla Slavensky | January 9, 2022

    If you’re on the fence about selling, you have a few choices: You can put your house up for sale soon to take advantage of the current demand, you can wait to see how interest rates and inflation play out as they relate to housing (though it could result in a missed opportunity), or you can opt... Read More

    Will Home Prices Decline in 2022?

    By Liz Diegle | December 31, 2021

    If you’re thinking of buying a home in today’s housing market, you may be wondering how strong your investment will be. You might be asking yourself: if I buy a home now, will it lose value? Or will it continue to appreciate going forward? The good news is, according to the experts, home prices are... Read More