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    Home Builders Ramp Up Construction Based on Demand

    By Jimmy Castro | July 5, 2021

    While the inventory challenges we’re facing today won’t be solved overnight, the increase in new-home construction means you may have more options than you thought. Work with your real estate agent to learn more about finding your dream home and to discover newly built homes available in your area. Read More

    Experts Say Home Prices Will Continue to Appreciate

    By Jimmy Castro | June 12, 2021

    If you’re concerned about making the decision to buy or sell right now, contact your trusted real estate professional to discuss what’s happening in your local market. Read More

    Homeownership Is Full of Financial Benefits

    By Liz Diegle | June 1, 2021

    A Fannie Mae survey recently revealed some of the most highly-rated benefits of homeownership, which continue to be key drivers in today’s power-packed housing market. Here are the top four financial benefits of owning a home according to consumer respondents: 88% – a better chance of saving for retirement 87% – the best investment plan 85% – the... Read More

    How Much Time Do You Need To Save for a Down Payment?

    By Kayla Slavensky | May 15, 2021

    One of the biggest hurdles homebuyers face is saving for a down payment. As you’re budgeting and planning for your home purchase, you’ll want to understand how much you’ll need to put down and how long it will take you to get there. The process may actually move faster than you think. Using data from the U.S. Department... Read More

    Renovate or Move? How to Decide

    By Kayla Slavensky | May 11, 2021

    As a homeowner, there may come a time when you ask yourself: “Should I buy a new home, or stay put and renovate my old one?” Consider these factors when weighing your decision: Mortgage rates. Would your mortgage rate increase if you were to buy a new home? Renovation scope. How much would you need to do... Read More

    Some Buyers Prefer Smaller Homes

    By Liz Diegle | May 4, 2021

    The very nature of the pandemic has brought a a central focus on the importance of home. For some, this has spurred an interest in making a move to a home that better suits our changing needs. In a recent study on today’s homebuyer preferences, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) states: Read More

    93% of Americans Believe a Home Is a Better Investment Than Stocks

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 20, 2021

    A recent Survey of Consumer Finances study released by the Federal Reserve reveals the net worth of homeowners is forty times greater than that of renters. If you’re wondering if homeownership is a good investment, the study clearly answers that question, and the short answer is yes. Read More

    Don’t Sell on Your Own Just Because It’s a Sellers’ Market

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 13, 2021

    Don’t Sell on Your Own Just Because It’s a Sellers’ Market In a sellers’ market, some homeowners might be tempted to try to sell their house on their own (known as For Sale By Owner, or FSBO) instead of working with a trusted real estate professional. When the inventory of homes for sale is as low as it is today, buyers are... Read More

    Multigenerational Housing Is Gaining Momentum [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Kayla Slavensky | April 9, 2021

    Some Highlights If your house is feeling a little cramped with the addition of adult children or aging parents, it might be time to consider a move-up into a multigenerational home that better suits your changing needs. With benefits that include a combined homebuying budget and shared caregiving duties, an increasing number of households are discovering the... Read More